In Europe

Living together or apart from each other?

Erasmus+ Action KA2 Strategic Partnership In Europe – with us or without us

1.12.2016 – 31.12.2017

The project “In Europe” takes action on behalf of marginalised demographic groups, including seniors, women in difficult situation, victims of all kinds of violence, people with educational disabilities, migrants and asylum seekers. During five partner meetings and training weeks educational staff of the partner institutions gained knowledge about three specific methods: the biographic narrative interview, biographical conversation, and drama as integrative methods. Beside the educational staff, a learners groups associated with the partner organisations participated in the project events.

Project activities covered around 1000 people, including listeners and viewers. The overriding objective of our project was to improve the quality of education and long-life learning.

However, an equally important goal was to encourage the public to reflect on such notions as hatred, respect, mercy and love, and build a dialogue between people, so that they talk to each other, and are curious about each other.

The project also had the task of eliminating the fear of foreign, of a stranger, in front of a migrant. The project followed the guidelines of the „Strategy 2020“.

Project partners

  • Polesie Art Centre, Lodz, Poland – Lead partner
  • Balkan Agency for Sustainable Development, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Tsvete Theater, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • ARGE grenzen erzaehlen, Vienna, Austria
  • National Council for Gender Equality, Skopje, Former Republic Mazedonia
  • Sprachendienst Konstanz, Germany
  • Institute of Social, professional and Career Development, Sekule, Slovak republic

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