European Partnership for actions involving people at risk of marginalization

EUPIN project

corresponds with the „European anti-poverty program“ which aims to provide economic, social and territorial cohesion, and to increase awareness and recognition of the fundamental rights of poor and socially excluded citizens, giving them the possibility to live in dignity and take an active part in society. This includes fight against discrimination and the development of a new program for the integration of migrants.

EUPIN workshop in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia: presentations and performances – sharing of educational methods and ludic tools.

EUPIN workshops

Artists, teachers and consultants of institutions in Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia and the Slowakian Republic have built the EUPIN consortium. The 2017 published EUPIN brochure gives an impression of the exchange of tools and knowledge in workshops during the project, in accordance with the objectives of EUPIN project: to develop cooperation and exchange of experiences for educators, for the creative activity of people at risk of exclusion.

The workshops and the exchange of experience aim to leverage and expand the professional qualifications of those working with the disabled, elderly and dependent people, acquiring new skills and improving existing psychological, interpersonal and methodological ones, necessary for the work with mentees.

 Theater Festival in Łódź, Poland: EUPIN partners organised performances and participated in workshops and sessions.

EUPIN’s target group

consists of educators working with people at risk of marginalization, people in charge of the educators who join the project and people working on behalf of communities at risk of marginalization. These groups participate in the workshops learning and sharing proper methods of work. The recipients, educators and mentees, are or become multipliers and contribute to the project’s dissemination activities at local and international levels. The challenges mentioned at the beginning, based on careful analysis, facing each European Union country, make it possible to identify specific ways of inclusion of marginalized people.

Cooking together, eating together – traditional Macedonian food: delicious gravče tavče.

Theory and practice

Applying modern art therapy methods in the framework of trainings and workshops goes hand in hand with theoretical education and the experience of art and cultur in museums and at festivals. EUPIN project provides staff working with people at risk of marginalization and social workers opportunities for personal development, raising self-esteem and reducing the risk of burnout.

Textile workshops and visits of the Textile Museum and the Skansen Museum in Łódź, Poland.
Photos: Ayseli Frosch, Felice Frank


EUPIN Project has been funded by the European Commission under the ERASMUS+ Programme. Project No.: 2015-1-PL01-KA204-017074.